Simple Tricks to Repel Red State Carpetbaggers

The quick and dirty guide to making sure your state only gets the RIGHT Californians

Between 2004 and 2013, five million people left California. The lion’s share of them went to Texas, with many also putting their stakes down in Arizona. Over 650,000 Californians fled the Golden State in 2019 alone, with Texas and Arizona again the most likely places where California refugees land. 

We don’t have numbers from 2020, but it’s easy to surmise that COVID lockdowns, civil unrest and other failures of leftist governance are forcing people out of California. 

This phenomenon isn’t limited to California. RT published a story about “Leftugees” -- people who flee blue states in favor of red ones. The reasons for this are varied, as one might expect from such a large group of people, but the primary drivers are high taxes and persistent COVID lockdowns. 

The Leftugee phenomenon rightly has some in Deep America nervous. What is a flood of “foreigners” from a deep blue state like California going to do to a deep red state like Texas? 

Well, we have some evidence about this already: Native Texans went overwhelmingly for fellow native Texan Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke. Senator Ted Cruz, who hails from Calgary, was likely put over the top by a strange bedfellows coalition of California transplants and Tejanos

What this means is that the fear of your state being overrun with blue state voters isn’t an unreasonable one, but the evidence doesn’t seem to bear out that the Leftugees are swinging elections for Democrats -- not yet, anyway. However, it would be unwise to wait until the fire has consumed your house before you install a smoke detector.

Patriots in Deep America probably don’t mind Californians moving to their state provided that they’re the type of Californians who prefer Ted Cruz to Robert Francis O’Rourke. And while you might think there’s no way to select for what type of Californians come into your state, this is fundamentally incorrect. 

The Republican Party currently controls 29 state legislatures throughout the United States, including the ones in Texas and Arizona. In 21 of these states, the governorship is also held by a Republican. And while some kind of loyalty oath to patriotic conservatism isn’t likely to pass muster in the courts, there are other ways you can prevent a swarm of locusts from descending on your state. 

If there is a single issue that liberals agree on with religious fervor, it’s that abortion should be readily available up until the moment of birth -- and sometimes even beyond that. Abortion, sick as it might sound, is the closest thing that the left has to a religious sacrament. Indeed, the language used by liberals on the issue (“this is my body”) has a sort of inverted, demonic religious quality about it.

Restrictive abortion laws are kryptonite for (the wrong type of) Californians. Ask yourself if you would move to a state where church services were subject to strict government sanction. You would not and Californians, even those with no possibility of becoming pregnant anytime soon, will not move to a state where their “church” is subject to such controls. 

We have a case study in abortion restriction as liberal repellent: Georgia. Disney threatened to stop filming in the state after the state passed a law banning abortion at the point a fetal heartbeat can be detected, about six weeks into a pregnancy.

While Chamber of Commerce RINOs might whine about the impact on the tax base or the revenue streams for the state, ask yourself if Hollywood deciding to leave a state is going to be a net negative for anyone. Some things, such as preserving the culture in your state, are more important than money. And in any event, I strongly doubt any Good Ol’ Boys are getting starring roles in the latest left-wing propaganda the Mouse is producing down in Georgia. Let them find another tax haven. 

Another area of strong religious conviction for leftists is on the subject of transgenderism. Men can be women and women can be men, provided that they subjectively “feel” like the opposite sex. What’s more, this isn’t a decision that adults make for themselves in concert with trained medical professionals -- it’s a decision that children, even toddlers can make. And, say a growing concert of liberals, parents should be cut out of the equation entirely. 

Restricting what grown adults can and cannot do isn’t impossible or even unreasonable, but it’s often impractical. Asserting that parents are in charge of their children, however, is not only easy to do, it’s incredibly popular. Only the most strident defenders of transgender ideology are going to argue that children should be allowed to chemically castrate themselves because they once played with a Barbie instead of GI Joe. 

I’d wager a lot of these types live in California. And I’d wager that passing a law declaring firmly that parents, not busybody spinster guidance counselors and cat lady family therapists, are in charge of their children, would be like the proverbial garlic to a vampire. Similarly, laws protecting women’s only spaces, not restricted to sports, is not just common sense and broadly popular, but will also repel the types of Californians you don’t want moving to your state, while at the same time attracting the ones that you do. 

After all, you have to invite the vampire in. 

If these are the religious beliefs of the liberal, his church and his clergy are public schools and public school teachers. Republicans are miscalculating badly by trying to force public schools to reopen. The post-COVID moment should be used to shutter them entirely where possible and, where not, to draft sweeping school choice measures that cripple the public school teachers’ “education” cartel. 

Republican governors should not be shy about going full PATCO on teachers’ unions. If teachers do not want to return to work due to feigned concerns about COVID, they should be fired en masse -- and replaced with teachers who don’t hate America, the family and Christianity. 

There are certainly other measures that could be passed and what can reasonably be done varies from one state to another. But none of the aforementioned public policies are unreasonable, unpopular or politically untenable. Indeed, they are all wildly popular with the Republican base with broad crossover appeal among independents. 

And, more to the point, they will keep a plague of locusts from descending o’er the land.